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Most of us go to work each day to make customers happy, do interesting work and to make some money along the way. Few of us come to work to worry about our search engine rankings. Most of us don’t even care about SEO – until our traffic from Google dries up.

Yes, we all know that it is important that potential customers can find us on the web, that when they put in common search terms for our sector such as: “Lawyer – Manchester” or “IT Security SouthWest” that our business appears high in Google’s results. We know that most people searching the web for a new supplier will not look beyond the first few sites listed. To be found we have to have a means of staying high in the Google rankings whenever a search is made.

The problem with SEO: this stuff looks complicated

Predicting the terms that our potential customers may enter in their search can be difficult. How Google determines whether a site is relevant to a customer’s search can seem like a mystery.

We know that there are certain keywords that are likely to work better than others, but it can be hard to work out which terms will work best. The rules (the Google approved methods) change all the time, and many businesses fear the consequences of suddenly falling down the rankings for no apparent reason.

This is why many of us rely on SEO services to manage our websites, links and our keywords, to maintain our social presence and to ensure our sites remain relevant.

This in itself creates a problem. How do we know who to trust? How do we work out whether the advice we get is good, or whether we are getting value for money from our experts?

Frankly it is not always in the interests of the SEO experts to share their knowledge with you.

Until now.

Smart SEO Training – next course coming soon

We have created an SEO training programme specifically designed for business owners and managers.

This is not a course for SEO experts, it is a course for people who run and manage their own business and who want to understand SEO. For people who want be able to take control of what they do to maintain their web presence and draw customers to their websites. The course is delivered in  clear non-technical terms and we guarantee* to de-mystify the whole process of SEO and to provide robust SEO strategies that anyone can apply to their websites.

This intensive one-day course will help you learn SEO, understand exactly how it works, and what it means for your business.  Our aim is to ensure that you leave the workshop confident in your ability to improve your SEO rankings and with a list of clear and actionable steps that you can apply straight away to help more customers find you.

We will make three promises for this course

  1. It will be short – we know that running your business requires your total attention.  We know that time away from the business is precious, so we promise that you will learn everything you need to get started in one day.
  2. It will be insightful – the course is written and run by Dave Collins, our SEO expert. Dave has been helping customers optimise their web traffic for almost 20 years. He is the guy who the software industry call when they need to fix an SEO problem. Dave will bring his years of experience with hundreds of clients to the workshop and will share all the important stuff with you. Dave is in demand all over the world and has recently been a keynote speaker and workshop leader at global events such as Business of Software and Microconf.
  3. It will be useful – in recent months, we have been experimenting with a workshop format that we feel happy to guarantee * will deliver real results.

Bring your laptop

We know that a day out of the office is a big ask. You will need to see results.

An impressive course folder and slide deck alone won’t move your business up the Google rankings. This is why we will ask you to bring your laptop so that you can apply and start using the techniques that you learn immediately. The course focuses on safe and actionable strategies that produce results.

You’ll be in good hands

Dave Collins has spoken at conferences in the United States, China, Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom. He has delivered more than 80 presentations at more than 35 different conferences, networking events, business growth organisations, an accelerator program for startups and more. His reputation is based on his wide range of experience and his ability to simplify complex issues into practical, actionable and non-technical solutions.

“SoftwarePromotions provided us with training on SEO best practices. The training was excellent, and we’re already using the advice that was shared in our day-to-day marketing activities.” Wibke Weilacher-Carstensen, Red Gate Software
SEO training with Dave Collins

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